Series 100BE - Aluminum Flush Doors

Water Treatment Plants | Offshore Oil Rigs | Military Housing
Animal Control Facilities | Government Buildings | Hospitals

Cline's 100BE Flush Aluminum Series Door was the product that launched the company. Being the oldest manufacturer of flush aluminum doors, Cline has spent over 50 years perfecting this product. The 100BE series door is a staple product for water treatment facilities, offshore oil rigs, military housing, government buildings, and hospitals. The 100BE Series offers strength, flexibility of design, and endurance. Any environment where the conditions are tough, chemically or physically, the 100BE stands up to the challenge.


Door Elevations - Click here to view the Series 100BE elevations

Half Glass - Bottom Louver

Half Glass
Bottom Louver

Standard Features - Series 100BE 5-Ply Construction

Series 100BE 5-Ply Construction